Virtual studio visit with Vevar co-founder Christopher McEvoy-Barton

This month, our host Lisa Kennedy takes us (virtually) to the East End of Glasgow to have a peek inside of Vevar, a woven textile studio and modern micro mill developed by award-winning designers, Christopher McEvoy and Chantal Allen.

Vevar is a small batch manufacturer and can produce a range of fabrics on its 1940’s dobcross loom, as well as smaller hand-woven lengths on its range of antique and traditional sample looms.

With over 20 years of experience in design and manufacture between them, Christopher and Chantal are equipped to tackle any project with expertise- creating textile solutions across Art, Design and Architecture. Together the team offer design and consultancy services, production and manufacturing and industry development support alongside their own in-house products.

During this studio visit you’ll learn about working in partnership, running a business alongside your own professional practice and what it’s like to so passionate for your craft that you become a champion for the local industry.

This video contains autogenerated captions. They may not be 100% accurate. If you would like a transcript of this video please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide it for you.

More about Christopher

Born and raised in Glasgow, Christopher became interested in textiles when he learned of his family’s history of working in the industry, as cotton weavers in The Calton and as dyers and finishers in Paisley. Having studied Textile Design at the Glasgow School of Art he undertook many placements where he gained knowledge about small high-end production of cloth – a theme that has carried on into his own practise.

He then went on to the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London, where his work became mainly focused around raising awareness of the history of Scottish textiles and its innovations. This love of forgotten techniques and a willingness to accept a challenge has seen him work with various brands and fashion houses such as Charles Jeffery’s Loverboy and Alexander McQueen to name a few.

Upon graduating from the RCA he won the Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprise allowing him to open up his first studio, McEvoy Textiles, the first hand weaving studio in The Calton for 100 years. Working on a project-by-project basis to deliver fresh and exciting textile solutions, his clients span from major fashion houses to Turner Prize nominated artists. Now, he splits his time between continuing to build his own practise and working in the Vevar studio with co-founder Chantal Allen.

More about Lisa

Lisa Kennedy is a freelance dance artist and choreographer. Performing, choreographing, and teaching professionally for various organisations over the last 17 years, her work has included productions with TRON Theatre and Theatre Royal Glasgow’s Stage Experience, as well as extensive work within education. She also co-choreographed a piece for the 2010 Commonwealth Games Handover Ceremony in Glasgow and is founder of the 1940/50s inspired dance troupe, The Kennedy Cupcakes.

In 2019 Lisa established The Braw and The Brave, a podcast about people and their passions. The art of good conversation and sharing stories to inspire, move and motivate others is something she values greatly, featuring those who love what they do and do what they love. From artists to dancers, world travelers to conservationists Lisa has connected with an array of people to talk about their passions and the experiences that have shaped their lives.

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