Virtual studio visit with ReJean

ReJean is a gender-neutral sustainable fashion label built on reclaiming, repurposing and repairing denim for a new generation of conscious consumers.

Join us for a virtual studio tour with Siobhan of ReJean. We will be learning about the ReJean inspiration, brand ethos and the processes involved in repurposing denim.

More about Siobhan, ReJean

Siobhan is an independent, enthusiastic denim designer and maker. She founded ReJean Denim in May 2018, working primarily with reclaimed fabrics to create one-off classic pieces that are made to last.

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More about Katy, Fashion Foundry

Katy Wood is a Production and Sourcing Director with over 17 years of experience within the fashion industry. Now leading Fashion Foundry, Katy offers business support to fashion companies in Scotland.

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