Image guidelines

You look great and people deserve to see how good you look in the best possible quality you can provide. Below are a set of guidelines to make sure we utilise the images you give us to the best of our abilities.


First and foremost, you want to make sure you own the copyright for the images you’re providing. If you took them yourself then you’re all good! If they were taken by a photographer or other professional, you’ll want to check with them you have the right to be providing us with the images to use. 9/10 people will be fine with this, but copyright is an important issue we need to make sure to adhere to.

Amount of images

We’ll be using the images you provide for thumbnails, social posts about your content & in the events you feature in. Luckily we don’t require that many images, so if you’re in either of these two categories, here’s what we need from you:

  • One headshot
  • One wide image we could use for a banner, either your work or studio.
  • Two additional images for use on social media posts (ideally landscape orientated)


A fairly simple one, if we can avoid black & white images that’d be ideal.

Crop (spacing)

Aside from sizing, this is the biggest and most important factor when it comes to ideal imagery. The major issue is usually the top of the head being cut off or both sides of the torso being cropped in to. These types of cropping make it hard for us to utilise the images in the capacity we normally use them. Below is a set of images showing the different levels of crop you might experience in your images and what we’re looking for from you.

Left – This image has ample space around the subject. This is great as it’s easy to cut the subject out of the image and place in other media.

Middle – This image also has good space around the left and top of the image, however, the right side is slightly cropped in. This isn’t ideal, but is the preferred side as we generally place our contributors to the right side of the canvas in the media we create.

Right – In this image the head/hair is cropped in to and this makes it impossible to flexibly use the image in various media. Although it may be ok for our thumbnails, it can’t work with our instagram stories. We want to keep our content uniform and consistent when promoting, so this image could not work.

Thumbnail example:


The other biggest factor. You might have a great portrait of yourself or your product, but if it’s too small it’s no good.

We recommend images that are at least 1000px on the shortest edge and for a banner image, at least 1500px on the longest edge.

We will resize and optimise the images provided, so if you have larger versions of these images, please send them over.

To find the size of your images on your computer is fairly simple:

PC – Right-click on the image file and select Properties.
Mac – Press cmd while clicking on the image file, then select Get Info

File Formats

Please provide images in jpg format.