Hosting a themed meetup group

What is a themed meetup group?

Our themed meetup groups are small monthly peer support groups with room for up to 15 guests and one or more hosts.

These groups are not recorded and are a chance for members of a specific sector or profile to get together for an open confidential discussion.

Our meetups are a safe place for peer support, guidance, sharing achievements, working through ideas, and networking.

Who can host a meetup group?

Any member wishing to commit to facilitating these groups consistently is welcomed to establish a group

Do you need to be an expert to host a meetup?

Experts are welcomed, but anyone wishing to see a new niche meetup brought to life is welcomed to start a group.

These groups are about peer support more than about expert led training sessions.

What kind of themes can the meetups have?

Meetups can have any theme, within reason, that is relevant to our member community. As long as the group has interested followers we will continue to support it.

We recognise that it can take several sessions before a group is established which is why we ask for a minimum commitment of 3 months from a host.

What does hosting a meetup group entail?

Meetup hosts must have a fully completed member profiles in the CEC directory and must commit to no less than 3 meetup sessions as it can take several sessions to get a group off the ground.

After the 3-month period we’ll review the group to see if both the host and CEC feel there is enough interest to continue to the group.

Popular groups are welcomed to continue for as long as the host is keen to run them.

Hosts must complete a digital form about the group they wish to lead and they should support CEC with the promotion of their group.

Hosts are expected to arrive early to events, to welcome guests and to chair the group.

We require hosts to feedback to the CEC if there are issues or areas of concern within the group.

How does CEC support meetup hosts?

The CEC team will set up the group using the information provided, will promote the group both internally and across our social channels and will support the live sessions administratively, providing tech support, checking in guests and managing the chat where needed.

What technical skills do I need to host a meetup?

If you can work Zoom, then you’ve got the requisite technical skills to lead a meetup. A member of the CEC team will be on hand to assist with Zoom as well.

When do meetups happen?

As long as we can find a willing member of the CEC team to support your group and you can commit to the same slot regularly, you are welcome to organise your meetup group to meet on any day and time.

From the CEC staff standpoint week days tend to be better than weekend, but we will do our best to accommodate any requests.