Turning your side hustle into your day job with Anthony Andrews

Determination and drive can often lead to impatience in business and impatience can often lead to compromise. But in this case of this month’s Elevenses with CEC guest, We Are Parable Co-Founder, Anthony Andrews, that is the farthest thing from his truth. In his case, being motivated by an unrivalled determination to create something worthy of a legacy, meant having Buddha-like patience to continue his day job whilst using his every free moment to research, learn and plan meticulously for his dream job.

It was a slow transition to be sure, but his long game approach finally paid off in the form of We Are Parable, a world-class film exhibition company specialising in Black Cinema experiences that counts the like of the BFI and Spike Lee as their supporters.

Join Anthony as he shares his experience of using his corporate job as research, whilst finding his creative calling and then how he (alongside his business partner/wife) developed the mindset and skills to eventually make it a reality, leaving their day jobs to turn their side hustle into their main hustle.

More about We Are Parable

Formed in 2013 by Anthony and Teanne Andrews, We Are Parable has built a legacy of cinematic events that focus on creating unique experiences for Black audiences. They are committed to providing audiences in the UK the opportunity to experience Black Cinema in culturally relevant, innovative and memorable ways. Their partnerships have included working with Oscar-winning filmmaker Spike Lee, Ryan Coogler, director of Black Panther, Idris Elba and Rapman.

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