Studio visit with artist Flore de Hoog

For this month’s studio visit we enter the home-studio of Glasgow-based artist Flore de Hoog for an inside look at her practice and body of work. Flore is a textile designer turned free-hand artist who has become best-known for her exquisite hand-drawn wall works, which grace the walls of homes across Scotland. Flore believes that the imperfection and uniqueness of her work are what makes it special and more artwork than wallpaper.

Flore’s designs can also be found on a range of home goods products and prints available to purchase on her website.

More about Flore

Flore de Hoog is a self-employed artist and textiles designer, based in the Southside of Glasgow. After finishing her arts degree in Amsterdam she then continued to study textiles at the GSA, interrupted by a year of working as a print designer for fashion house COS in London. Back in Glasgow, she continued to work as a freelance textiles designer, mixed in with Costume jobs for Film and Television as well as playing in several bands and recording a solo album.

Having been Self Employed for around 2 years Flore has managed to successfully set up and run her brand, specialised in hand-drawn wall patterns she has worked in many residential homes as well as commercial properties- and has collaborated with multiple interior designers. Her work is completely done by hand and no stencils are used, which makes the work interesting, unique, and highly adaptable for all kinds of spaces.

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