Studio visit with abstract expressionist, Anne Harkin-Petersen

For abstract expressionist artist, Anne Harkin-Petersen, painting is a way of reflecting on life and making sense of the chaos. Her work is concerned with a world beyond the tangible, opening a portal into a domain that encourages the imagination to go beyond conscious reality into possible alternatives to this materialist world, which in the current climate is a very welcomed escape.

This May we venture virtually to Galway, Ireland to Anne’s peaceful home-studio to explore her work and practice. After a brief discussion about her background and journey, Anne will tour us around her studio, revealing her process and offering us a peek at her newest works and works in progress.

More about Anne

Anne Harkin-Petersen is a visual artist living in Co. Galway who works mainly in paint. She holds a research-based M.A. in the History of Art, and a B.A. (Honours) in Fine Art and Design from the Centre of Creative Arts and Media in Galway. Harkin-Petersen also holds a Diploma in Theology extra mural from the National University of Ireland Maynooth.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed watching this, and hearing of your abstract expressionist influences in particular, Anne. I hope that bigger studio manifests itself for you. Cheers, Ruth