Speak to an expert advisor

Sometimes we have a decision to make but we feel like we are going round and round in a loop. Sometimes we just need a fresh perspective on our business to help us see the path ahead.

Speaking to an expert advisor will give you the clarity and confidence you need to move forward.

1-2-1 appointments

Agree on a time that suits your schedule

Choose an industry expert or coach

Free to members

Takes place over video or audio call

Meet our industry experts

Sally Farrant headshot

Sally Farrant


Cashflow and budgets, Tax

Roger Darkins

Insurance Advisor


Lynsey Cowan

Business Systems Specialist

Business efficiency, Digital, Strategy

Frankie Snobel

Drinks Entrepreneur & Business Advisor

Investing and funding, Storytelling and selling

Meet our coaches

Charley Gavigan

Counsellor & Coach

Leadership skills, Mindset & wellbeing
Sarah Longfield working outdoors

Sarah Longfield

Creative Business and Life Coach

Mindset & wellbeing, Project management

Tommy Ludgate

Confidence & Creative Process Coach

Mindset & wellbeing

I am beyond thrilled that a service like this is available. Especially now, when it’s even harder to know where to go to for advice and to feel *seen* in the creative industry, such a personal consultation from a professional of this calibre is a needed and appreciated opportunity.

Catriona MacLeod

Frequently asked questions

How many sessions can I have?

We recommend that you have no more than 2 sessions with any one advisor. These sessions are to help solve problems rather than be used as regular support sessions. Our advisors are volunteers who’ve donated their time to support our community members. Their time is limited, so we ask that you please use this resource sparingly.

What if I haven’t heard from my advisor after booking?

After you book your appointment your advisor should contact you directly to arrange your session. Our advisors are volunteers so this might take a bit of time, but if you’re concerned about the lack of communication search your junk mail to see if their email has been misplaced. If there’s nothing there, please email Medeia medeia@wearecec.co.uk and she will contact the advisor for an update.

Can I keep working with an advisor after my initial 2 sessions?

Many of our advisors offer additional support such as consultancy work, coaching, legal, or accountancy services for a reasonable fee. If you wish to continue working with them after your 2 allotted sessions, make arrangements to formalise your partnership directly with them.

How long is each session?

Each session is 30 minutes long. You can get the most out of our session by providing the advisor with detailed info about your business and the challenges you are facing. You will have an opportunity to answer these questions when you apply.
Make sure you also complete your profile so that the advisor can learn more about you & your business.
On the day turn up prepared with any additional info the advisor might need in order to understand your business.

How do I cancel a session?

If you can’t make a session please email your advisor as soon as you can so that they can reorganise their calendars.

What if I can’t find the help I need here?

Get in touch with Medeia medeia@wearecec.co.uk and let her know what kind of issue you’re having and she may be able to suggest another contact.

Where can I give feedback on my session?

We would love to hear your feedback on our advisory service and on your experience working with our advisors. Please choose the feedback option on our contact form.