Overcoming imposter syndrome

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Have you ever had the feeling that one day you’re going to be found out? You’re a fake, a fraud. Symptoms include self-doubt, questioning your performance, nagging fear, sabotaging your own success, talking yourself down and general lack of self-confidence. If so, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Over 80% of people experience episodes of ‘imposter syndrome’. It is called ‘being human’.

In this video, Charley gets under the skin of impostor syndrome. How do we reconcile the different versions of ourselves – what’s going on on the outside versus what’s happening on the inside? And crucially, how we can turn something that feels like a guilty secret into a hidden superpower.

Takeaway themes include:

    • The truth about, and definition of, impostor syndrome
    • Celebration of flaws, fears and f-up’s
    • The power of vulnerability and self-acceptance
    • Daily toolbox techniques for overcoming imposter syndrome


Charley Gavigan

After more than 30 years working within the charitable sector in Glasgow, London & NYC supporting the recovery of children, young people, and adults fleeing violence, trafficking, abuse, trauma, homelessness and/or addiction, Charley Gavigan retrained as a Professional Certified Coach and Co-founded Brave Your Day. There she offers affordable accredited therapeutic counselling and coaching, to people struggling to sustain their mental wellbeing.