Creative problem solving

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When faced with high-stakes problems creative people often become really unimaginative and just go with the first potential solutions. But rush, unimaginative problem solving just causes more problems later. Problem solving is a key skills we all use and need to develop. Given that everyone’s ability to solve problems is variable and inconsistent, Creative Problem Solving looks at what are the right problems to solve, how to create the environment for genuine, creative thought and how to close down the unhelpful and distracting information and impulses that usually push our decision-making into predictable and ineffective patterns.

  • Learn to create the conditions that encourage creative problem solving
  • Identify their problem solving toolkit
  • Develop strategies to keep problem solving on track
  • Practice core creative problem solving skills


Sandy Thomson

Sandy Thomson is a CEC Advisor, Artistic Director of UK theatre company Poorboy and USA film company, Squad Walk. She specialises in supporting emerging and established creative entrepreneurs to be resilient in tough times and sustainable in the long run. She helps them balance their creative imperatives with their business essentials. Sandy is excellent at working in the space where business meets creative practice. Connect with Sandy