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Writing an Effective Business Plan

Create a plan for your business that answers the 5 key questions that outside parties want to know about your business.

Working with an Agent for Illustrators

Tips on finding and working with an agent from well-established Illustrators, Marcus Oakley and Lesley Barnes

VAT for creatives

An introduction to VAT for first-time registrants. Find out if being registered is in your best interests at this point in time.

Understanding Contracts

Learn about the clarity and commitment contracts can bring to your business agreements, and find out how to take your first steps to create your own contracts.

Showing your business at a trade event

Preparing for your first trade show? Learn how to set goals, plan your exhibition and pick the right event for your business.

Getting Started with Social Media

A pro at using social media in our private lives, but a little daunted when it comes to making it part of our work lives? No need to fear as with a little know-how, social media can be an amazing tool to help grow, promote and celebrate your creative.

Selling into Retail

Are you considering using a retailer to sell your products? This introduction to the different types of retailers and their benefits will help you decide on the next steps to take.


Part one of our 5 part resource on moving into your own studio or workspace. This article covers the key thinking points when taking the steps to buy or rent a property for your business.

Professional Development Planning

Our Professional Development Planning tool will help you reflect on your past journey and plan the next stage.

Pricing for creatives

Introduction to pricing for creatives. Including; achieving the right balance, considering value, multiple income streams, costing work, calculating your daily rate, pricing and income.

Planning a Space

Questions you should ask yourself when setting up a work space. Such as; what’s your vision? who is involved? who are your community? What is your business model idea? What research and communication?


Learn what networking really is and why it’s important. Then explore how to network.

Managing Your Cash

This resource explores the importance of managing your cash and 5 tips to improve cash flow. Also gives the most common reasons for cash flow issues.

Managing a Space

Detailed list of things to consider when managing a space for your creative business in Scotland. Information includes; making your original plan fit, sources of income, programme of activities and marketing/communication.

Applications & Proposals

You need to be able to talk about the impact your creative service or product has on those who buy, invest and experience it. Use this guide to support you through this process.

Learning to Run Your Own Business

Learn the principles of running your own business. This includes strategies for development and growth.

Knowing Your Fashion Customer

There is one question that everyone will ask you about your fashion business ‘Who is your customer?’ If you’re a designer or retailer, the success of your business will depend on having a clear and concise answer.  

How do I protect my business ideas?

Understanding your intellectual property rights is important for creative businesses. Find out what your rights are and how to secure them.

How to Sell Your Product

How to sell your product will ultimately come down to what the product is, and where the most suitable platforms to promote and sell your work are.  Identify what you make, where is the most appropriate place to sell it, and who your consumer is.

How to Publish a Book

It does not always seem it at the time, but publishing a book is the easy bit – selling it is harder. So if your passion is writing, not business, self-publishing may not make sense for you. 

How to prepare for a sales meeting

This article discusses what buyers want to know and some of the key information you should always bring with you.

Dyslexia support for creatives

Dyslexia can be more common among creative people and entrepreneurs. 23% of our clients told us they had dyslexia or another specific learning difficulty.


CEO Business Expert, Tim Wright, shares his knowledge for anyone considering running a crowdfunding campaign and has advice about choosing the right crowdfunding model.