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  • Sandy Thomson

    14/01/2022 at 11:14 am

    House rules

    We are all welcome and recognise our membership is grounded in our respect for others.

    In this group we’ll keep in mind that we don’t know the situations or lived experiences of others. So whilst we won’t be a doormat, we’ll start from a place of assuming comments or responses being made to us are benign in intent until that seems very unlikely. Obviously this matters all the time but it specifically matters *here* because freelancers tend to bring all of themselves to their work. They’re not representing someone else’s company. They’re here representing themselves. So we’re going to bear that in mind and respect it.

    For this group to be useful we will be talking about things that really matter to the members. We might be talking about how and why people are making decisions. These are intimate subjects. So this group is confidential. Information shared here stays here.

    And when sharing things that really matter – it is absolutely fine if we don’t all agree. This is just a wee reminder that we are all trying to do our best in an incredibly difficult context. So we’re going to take a little care with *how* we disagree.

    If you have any questions about posts or are unsure of anything, or need me to moderate something – do please DM me.