Frankie Snobel


Founder at Tipplesworth
Available Thursdays
All appointments are 30min


Frankie Snobel is a cocktail enthusiast with a decade of mixology experience, who launched Tipplesworth cocktail cases and later Tippleworth cocktails mixers. However, it was Frankie’s clever pivot to the cocktails-on-tap opportunity that led to the purchase of her company by Diageo plc. In 2020. Frankie now divides her time between being a committed member of Diageo’s cocktail innovation team and advising entrepreneurs along their journeys.

As a successful, solo, female, founder, Frankie can offer valuable insights into building a memorable brand, working with partners, launching into major retailers, pitching, securing multiple rounds of investment (Angels, Crowd-funding and Corporate Investors) and exiting the business.

My areas of expertise

  • Spotting opportunities
  • Strategic thinking
  • Resilience
  • Leadership
  • Brand building
  • Working with retailers
  • Pitching
  • Securing funding
  • Exiting
  • Managing partnerships
  • Understanding your audience
  • Pivoting
  • Storytelling

These sessions last 30 minutes and are available via video or phone

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