Pursuing your wildest creative dreams (with the help of an agent) with Louise McGettrick

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This week on Elevenses with CEC we speak with multidisciplinary creative mastermind, Louise McGettrick about fearlessly traversing creative sectors and working with agents to pursue her wildest creative dreams. Successful children’s author, turned mother of Fugglers and now mother to a real-life monster, Louise will pull back the curtain on her journey from building her career, losing her mentor, changing creative directions, selling it all and starting again.

This is the story of a wild creative mind that dreams up fantastic magical worlds and then brings them to life and then to market. Prepare yourself for some well-humoured honesty.

More about Louise

Louise McGettrick is most well known for unleashing the internet-notorious Fugglers upon the world, but prior to that she had realised a successful career as a children’s author, writing books that were published around the world, and translated into over seven different languages. She’s the owner of an exceedingly eclectic CV, veering from a brief stint as a stand-up comic to an all too long period designing bathrooms, but Louise always finds her way back to conjuring little pieces of happy or strange to throw out into the world.

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