How to survive December with Charley Gavigan

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We fall prey to it every year. Whether we wade into toxic family dynamics, indulge our vices or work ourselves to the point of illness, December is predictably hectic and exhausting. With the added stress of the cost-of-living crisis crushing down on us this year, it felt important that we dedicate this month’s podcast episode to readying and steadying ourselves for the holiday season.

To help us put healthy habits in place and manage our energy this December, we’ve invited our favourite mental health expert Charley Gavigan back to Elevenses with CEC. Set yourself up to succeed this winter by set healthy boundaries, realistic expectations and trigger recognition to avoid the usual holiday season traps during this enormously practically and relevant episode.

Charley’s 5 point Christmas survival plan

More about Charley

After more than 30 years working within the charitable sector in Glasgow, London & NYC supporting the recovery of children, young people and adults fleeing violence, trafficking, abuse, trauma, homelessness and/or addiction, Charley Gavigan retrained as a Professional Certified Coach and co-founded Brave Your Day. There she offers affordable accredited therapeutic counselling and coaching to people struggling to sustain their mental wellbeing.

In addition to her counselling work, Charley is also very interested in alternative economies and has set up organisations such as Trade School Glasgow, a learning space based on barter, Wee Enterprizers, kitchen table business creation with disabled people and more recently East End Glasgow Soup, a neighbourhood crowdfunding public dinner where local people pitch ideas that benefit their community.