Craft your way to Christmas with Katty Jenneh

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Join us on Elevenses with CEC for a very timely special edition with The Realness in Business founder Katty Janneh for Craft your way to Christmas; Your guide to how you can prepare yourself for this festive time of year.

As the sun starts to tentatively peak out with the prospect of summer on the horizon it feels utterly preposterous to be talking about Christmas. But believe it or not, now is exactly the right moment to be planning and preparing for the holiday season for your business.

With the countdown to Christmas already underway we’re thrilled to have milliner, business coach and black business champion Katty Janneh on hand to share the to-do list, timeline, and need to knows with us. Get the inside scoop on everything you should be doing as makers and product-based businesses to get the most from this oh so important time of year.

More about Katty

Entrepreneur, traveller, teacher and lifelong student, Katty Janneh is a force of nature bringing passion to everything she does. After closing her long-running millinery business in 2015 she decided to channel her business, retail and customer-focused skills into a new venture to support fellow creative business founders to improve their offering and build their empires and The Realness in Business was born.

Using her own experiences in crafts, fashion and retail sectors, Katty creates business courses and workshops for creatives who recognise that they need to get real about the business side of things in order to have success on their terms