Celebrating International Men’s Day with The Men Who:

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It’s International Men’s Day on November 19th and we’re celebrating the best way we know how… by talking to two men who are experts in being men and helping men! Sounds good right?

We’re concerned that international Men’s Day doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves so this month on Elevenses with CEC we’re spending time with Joe Anderson and John Robertson, co-founders of the men’s collective The Men Who: to figure out why exactly that is and what needs to change. Is every day already men’s day or do they deserve more credit than that?

Join us for this informative episode of the podcast where we’ll discuss everything from mental health to inequality, the patriarchy to politics, what it means to be a man in modern-day society and the importance and impact of growing healthy connections and encouraging open communication.

More About The Men Who:

We are The Men Who: is a collective committed to providing a secure, dynamic and positive environment for men to actively maintain healthy mental well-being. Men have the opportunity to talk, listen, support, care for and help themselves and each other build meaningful connections in person, online and together. Talk. Listen. Support.

More about John and Joe

An active supporter of the men’s mental health movement and former national charity volunteer, John Robertson qualified as a mental health first aider (MHFA England) in 2018 and has since provided support, assistance and resources to friends, colleagues and men in need. His contribution to The Men Who: and the wider well-being movement is driven by experience, having found solace in regularly connecting with others to explore, test and re-shape his perspectives. Away from TMW: John is a proud husband and father, founder of creative agency Whisky Studio, Scotland-explorer and motorcycle rider.

Joe Anderson is an anthropologist, a yoga teacher and a perpetual student of life who loves creativity, promoting community and spending time in nature. Joe is passionate about promoting physical and mental health using techniques as diverse as talking circles, journaling, yoga, and meditation.