The lazy entrepreneur & the low hanging fruit

Why is it amazing to pick your low hanging fruit today? 

When I ask my clients at every level of business (business of one to CEO of many), ‘what is the laziest way you can do this thing you want to do?’ More often than not, their eyebrows reach for the sky, they move around in their chair and blink at me. A lot.

But…I’m not lazy,’ they’ll say, clearing their throat and wondering if they hired the right person, thinking…’ she came with so many extraordinary recommendations…’

Well, that,’ I reply, ‘is very disappointing indeed.’

If instead, I asked you, ‘how can you be more efficient?’

‘Oh hard work, phew okay, now I know what you’re talking about.’

When you read the word lazy, did you sit forward, inhale and think failure, panic, abort? Or did you sit back, exhale and feel your body as if relaxing after a sumptuous lunch at your favourite little spot in the Algarve, followed by a lazy afternoon on the beach?

We associate hard work, busyness, productivity and efficiency as the same sort of thing – winning. Similarly, laziness can be associated with cheating, skipping the hard work and not digging in enough, or losing. However lazy is rich, delicious, daydreaming, allowing yourself to be bored so you can hear your amazing ideas, moving from a place of inspired action, NOT the to-do list. The world built on people being trained into thinking their worthiness can only exist when measured in productivity and busyness is over.

One of my gifts is in moving business owners from the obsession of doing, to a point where they are co-creating and running successful businesses in a couple of hours a day instead of ALL the hours in a day. It involves a lot of unlearning. I encourage a lot more rest as this is where the magick gets in.

Learning to live from a place of alignment and inspired action frees up so much headspace and time. Then you can create more potent conscious options for customers and clients. You start to learn the importance of picking the low hanging fruit, appreciating it has been ripening for a very long time. The harvest is here for you.

I meet business owners all the time, who think they have to constantly create new things. I’m in full support of testing new ideas, embracing the opportunity to sandbox what doesn’t feel good or work, but I’m also here to tell you there is massive power in repackaging what you’ve already got.

Lovingly lazy for me is about repurposing what already exists. All your magick is woven into so many things which already exist, but you don’t trust them and as such you think you have to start over again and again. If you want to experience richer creativity, leadership and business growth without overexerting yourself here’s my short Guide to Lazy Success:

  1. Revisit your ideas and simply develop the next version. Customers love Version 2, 3, 4, 17. They get to say, ‘I was there for version one!’
  2. Customers and clients are like horses, if something spooks them they’ll be off like a shot. Don’t spook them by trying too hard, being inauthentic or doing something off brand.
  3. Don’t ignore your current customers in trying to bring new ones in. Maximise repeat business, growing sales and profit from the same pool of customers. Allow for a percentage of growth into new customers and markets. Reward loyalty. You love it, why wouldn’t your customers?
  4. Give up the idea you need big numbers on social media to succeed. For example, Instagram shows what you post to approximately 2-5% of your people, meaning if you have 10,000 in your community, a few hundred of them are seeing what you’re up to. Get comfy with repeating content, sharing your growth and ding moments. Engaging meaningfully with a few is far more important than putting out meaningless content to thousands.
  5. Celebration is one of my top five essentials when it comes to creating ongoing business success. If you’re not celebrating what you’re doing, why will anyone else? Be present and honour where you are. You dreamt of here and now you’re in it!
  6. Energy leads. Always. If you’re not getting traction with something you’re either smothering it, sitting on it, expecting too much too soon, or unwittingly pushing it in the opposite direction. Sit back, again get lazier, be secure in who you are. Play.
  7. When you see someone doing really well in a similar industry to you, avoid copycatting their style. It never works and it feels weird. Again, you do you. If you see someone copying you, do some breathing exercises and remember it will never take customers away from you, because energy leads and the trail, the original will always be sought out. Truffle pig style.
  8. Start appreciating where you are right now. If you do nothing else – make a cuppa, stare out the window and appreciate everything you have right now, even your laundry, the dirty dishes, the postponed vacation. Daily appreciation practice leads to sunnier temperaments and attitudes. Your success succeeds.
  9. Meditate for ten minutes a day. Practice feeling good. Make it your priority.
  10. Reframe lazy from cheating into being handed the key to a secret room full of magick, success and easy prosperity just for you. Think Gringotts. Harry Potter’s vault. Be more chill.

When I’m talking about being lazy, I’m talking about reaping the profit of seeds already planted, work already done, programs, products and partnerships already supporting themselves. I’m inviting you to pick the low hanging fruit.

Do you know how long it took for the fruit to become low hanging? Ages. Why on earth would you want to go and plant a whole new orchard when there are acres of ripe, delicious, emotionally mature ideas, concepts, products and so much more right at your fingertips? Grab some baskets and get picking. Be lazy, explore napping, play and be curious about all the ways to feel good about yourself and your business. Recognise you’re co-creating something brilliant and that fruit will just keep on coming.

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  1. I love this, I work with energy and I was so inspired to see you bringing seemingly woo woo ideas into the work place. I have regular meditation sessions before work with some of our team and the energy they feel whilst in that space of (lazy) seemingly nothingness has the power to birth the best idea they have ever had.
    Thank you such an enjoyable read!

    1. Hello Shauneen,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I feel we underestimate the power of shedding the habit of busy, choosing instead to remember and nurture habits of play, ease and relaxation. I LOVE what you’ve shared and what a joy for your team to experience regular meditation with you and all the benefits this harmonises.
      Sending you and yours continued magick and peace,

  2. Oh my word! I’m so happy to find writing by Gail Love-Schock here, I was told of her work by my money coach a couple of months ago, I’ve been a bit fan girly ever since.