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Online pitches are open!

At Aila, we’re committed to supporting new writers to tell their stories, regardless of their experience or background. In order to make the writing and editing process as easy as possible, we’ve created this guide to ensure your ideas are represented and communicated to us clearly and confidently.

What we’re looking for:

At Aila we want to empower, educate, and encourage women to be their best selves so if you have a story that aims to do any combination of those three things, then we want to hear it! Whether that’s a personal story about overcoming hardship, a piece educating women on a specific cultural topic or idea, or a piece inspiring women to re-think their lives or lived experiences, we are all for it!

Topics/themes we love:

– For print issues, we tend to commission a range of articles, with some long-form pieces sitting alongside listicles and guides

– We love personal pieces, or longer form observational essays about navigating the world as a woman, regardless of what that experience entails

– We’d love to see pieces discussing cultural phenomenon, and think pieces considering societal and cultural trends around fashion, social media, and art

– We highly encourage writers from marginalised backgrounds who are under-represented in Journalism to share their stories with us.

What to avoid:

– At Aila, we’re often sent highly personal pitches focusing on personal challenges and difficulties which writers have experienced. We really appreciate the trust and courage this takes, however, we advise that writers should use the ethos of ‘showing scars not open wounds’ – if a topic feels too painful or too personal, then don’t feel a pressure to write about it to gain a commission. If this topic is something you wish to write about in the future, then we encourage writers to come to us with their stories when the time is right for them.

– We love seeing the work of new writers, and we are so glad that Aila is a space where new writers feel comfortable submitting their first ideas or pieces for us to edit. However, be sure that when you are submitting pitches, your ideas are well-thought out and considered, with a clear plan of what you will write. This can be difficult, and is a struggle for all writers, regardless of experience. However, the clearer and more authentic the idea, the easier it will be during the editing process for both you and the editors. It might be an idea to familiarise yourself with previous content by looking at past issues of the magazine, or looking at the Aila blog.

– At Aila, we prefer more specific topical pieces rather than big generalised pieces. This helps us to continue to be a unique publication with a marked difference from everything else currently pervading the shelves. For example, a piece about body positivity is too general and broad, whereas a piece about body positivity in historical art is more specific and exciting. We would also recommend doing research on your chosen topic before pitching to gauge what work already exists out in the world, ensuring that your idea is unique.

How to format your pitches:

– When emailing us pitches, put ‘PITCH’ followed by a working title e.g. PITCH: How to navigate the Great British Beer Garden as a Non-Drinker.

– When describing your article idea, be sure to discuss key themes and topics you’ll include, summarising the overarching subject of your article and concluding points

E.g. In my article, I will be discussing how I navigate the Beer Gardens and the British drinking culture as a non-drinker.

In my article, I will include my personal story of how I decided to give up drinking, as well as observations on british drinking culture and how I cope with overwhelming societal pressures to drink.

– As well as including a clear description of your pitch idea, there is also some key information we’d like you to include:

● Planned Word Count for the piece

● Article type e.g. long-form essay, listicle etc.

● Name and contact details

*send to printpitch@ailamagazine.com for Issue 4 pitches!

– As part of the editing process, we will often require a first and second draft, with a one to two-week editing period between each draft being submitted. Be sure that when you do submit a pitch, you will be able to commit to the process for the duration of the editing process – if this is not the case, please state this in your pitch email, and we may be able to make adjustments depending on your requirements.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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