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Upload is your chance to showcase your creativity on the BBC. Wherever you are across England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands, your Upload team are standing by to check out what you create.

Upload is open to submissions all year round, with content showcased every day on our radio stations and on our social and online platforms.

Upload is open to submissions all year round, with content showcased every day on local BBC radio stations and on our social and online platforms. So whatever you create – comedy, fiction, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, videos, poetry, reviews, diaries, anything – we’d love you to upload it!

Upload any kind of content: audio, video, text or images. We especially love video and audio, so writers: if you can record yourself reading your work, that would be brilliant. (If the thought of that fills you with complete dread, you can upload the text of course!)

We’ll watch, read or listen to everything you upload and what catches our attention will go on air or on our digital platforms.

Whether it’s your first creation or you’ve been quietly making stuff for years, upload it.

Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure where it would ‘fit’, that’s our job to sort out. And it doesn’t need to be slick: we’re all about content made at home. We’ll get back to you if we’d like to showcase your work, and we might even help you add some extra polish.

Lockdown Upload

Right now, you can also join in with our Lockdown Upload campaign.

Lockdown Upload can be anything that is directly inspired by life as we currently know it. You could be reflecting on what life has been like during the pandemic through any kind of creativity, or you might just want to bring some light and laughter to people in these strange times.

Everything is welcome and your work could become part of a special digital archive we’re creating with The British Library – to help future generations understand more about what real life was like during Covid-19.

All you need to do for your work to be considered is upload it!

Please select the Upload team where you live from the list below

If you feel you belong to more than one place, perhaps you’re studying away from home for example, just make a note on the form when you upload and our team will make sure your work reaches the right locations.


Click here to upload to BBC Scotland


Click here to upload to BBC Radio Wales

Click here to find contact details to get in touch directly with stations in Northern Ireland.

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