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  • Open Call
  • Scotland
  • 06/12/2021
  • Open Call
  • Scotland
  • 06/12/2021

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Writer Lab, in partnership with Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland, is a new week-long writer residency opportunity, giving an early career professional playwright space to experiment with a new idea for a text in a rehearsal room. The Writer Lab will enable a writer to work with collaborators to approach a new idea and explore its potential by providing space, support, provocation and a £3,500 budget.

A successful Writer Lab applicant receives:

– a funded opportunity to develop a new idea and explore its potential
support to plan their residency and work creatively with collaborators, within a mutually agreed budget of up to £3,500
– a five-day residency in the Tron Theatre’s Changing House

Our mission with the Writer Lab is to provide an early career writer with support and space that enables a writer time and space to play with and explore an idea or project.

Is my idea eligible and how does it work?

Writer Lab is an opportunity for a playwright to start on a creative process to explore an idea or concept. You tell us what you need to develop your idea.  We have designed the opportunity to be responsive to the successful applicant; we don’t think any two proposals will look the same. The key thing is that you have a text-based idea which you want to explore and foresee being performed in front of a live audience.

You might use the opportunity to spend a week working in the space with a creative team to try out ideas. You might choose to have meetings and development sessions and use the space for some of the days to explore different options. You might invite different collaborators every day, or reserve some time for yourself to write alone. We will be as accommodating as we can within the budget and timescales.

There are logistical limits to what Writer Lab can offer. Everyone working on your Lab, including yourself, must be paid for their time (within industry standards). As a result, we would expect that a significant proportion of the budget will go towards the writer’s time. We don’t expect you to propose a detailed budget to us at the point of application, but we will ask you to give us an outline of the time commitments for you and your collaborators: we can work with the successful applicant to set a budget together in due course if required.

There’s no pressure our side to prepare an external sharing (unless you’d like to) and this isn’t a commissioning opportunity. We hope that the work you do will be useful and have a future life, but if at the end of your Lab you decide to not take your idea any further forward, that is completely okay.

Space is limited at Tron Theatre and so using the physical space as part of your development means the dates outlined above can’t change. The Changing House itself is a small, black-box studio. We don’t, for instance, have the height for aerial rigging. What we do have is a simple lighting, AV and sound set-up. We have experienced production, marketing, creative and producing staff that you can come ask for advice.

Please do not apply to supplement work on a project already supported through Creative Scotland, ACE, etc. Writer Lab is intended for work at the start of its development.

To apply

Fill in the application form, complete the separate Equalities Monitoring Form, and upload your supporting documents.

There are 3 required sections covering all the information we need:

– Contact Details
– Name, address, e-mail, phone
– Project Description
– Project title
– Tell us about your idea (200 – 500 words)
– How would you like to use the Lab opportunity, including telling us about the types of people you would like to work with and what you hope to achieve (400 – 600 words)
– Tell us how you would like to use the budget available (we don’t need a detailed budget, just an idea of how you would use the money) and the time commitments for everyone involved. (100 – 250 words)
– A professional biography, or upload your CV (150 – 300 words

Supporting Documents
– A link to a file sharing website to provide your CV
– A link to a file sharing website or link to an example of your work
Note: both your CV and example of your work can be hosted via the same file sharing link.
The online application form can be found here:

If required, please e-mail mailto:creative@tron.co.uk to request a text file version of the application. Requests for the text file version can be made up to three working days before the application deadline.

You will hear back about whether or not you’ve been successful within 3 weeks of the application deadline.

How will we chose the project?

There will be a panel compiled of Tron Theatre and Playwrights’ Studio staff and associates who will read and review the applications and mutually select one project to take forward.

We will select the projects based on the following:

– The ambition of the idea
– How good a fit the idea is to the scope of the Writer Lab
– How achievable the artistic goals of the development are in that week

We will invite shortlisted writers to a short and informal meeting, in person or digitally, with members of the panel to hear more about their idea in person and how Writer Lab will help develop their idea.

Applicants need to be:
Based in Scotland
An early career professional playwright (not more than two professional productions)

Equalities Monitoring Form

Please submit your equalities information via the link below:

The information you provide will stay confidential, and be stored securely and available to only the Tron Theatre’s administration. The information will be collated before it is reported to Creative Scotland.

For more information e-mail creative@tron.co.uk

Download the full application guidance document here (pdf)

Download the full application guidance document here (word)

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