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We host Alternative Interviews - a monthly comedy event

Promote your project in 1 minute – it’s time to put your elevator pitch to the test!

About the event

Alternative Interviews is an alternative comedy extravaganza (currently on Zoom) which is hosted by The Daft Duo. At each event we have 5 Acts and 5 Ads. It’s a creative platform and with the Ads section we are eager to strengthen our community and share all types of creative projects which share our values.

Our events take place on the last Thursday of each month from 8pm-9pm UK TIME.

You can come along to the Zoom on the night or you can send us a pre recorded video if that suits you better.

The Ads section (Alternative Adverts)

Up to 5 creative projects (Events / festivals / workshops / podcasts / arts / crafts / fashion / photography / books / opportunities / and more –  anything that might interest our event community) each project gets a 1 minute countdown to promote their project in any way they wish to.

We encourage you to get creative so that it can be an “Alternative Advert” – whatever best suits your project would be great! You could chat about what you do or you could make a video promo to be shared or you could do something else!

We ask that your advert be in response to a question which we will ask to introduce you – you can design your own question and it could be as simple as “what is INSERT PROJECT NAME?”. The daft clock will be counting down – fill your minute and have fun with it!

If you’d like to take part

If you’re interested or you’d like more info please email or fill in our Ads – Expression of interest form here:

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The Daft Duo

We host Alternative Interviews - a monthly comedy event

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