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We host Alternative Interviews - a monthly comedy event

Would you like to perform a 5 minute set at Alternative Interviews (an alternative comedy extravaganza!)

Express your interest now by filling in this short google form:

We will prioritise people who are currently underrepresented in the comedy scene.

Our events take place in the evening on the last Thursday of each month. Acts are challenged to get creative with responding to our monthly theme/question.

Upcoming event themes:

26th Aug: What risks have you taken? Did they pay off?
30th Sept: Humanity is migrating to mars! How are you going to say goodbye? What’s your last joke on Earth?
28th Oct: This Halloween you are truly becoming your costume! Who are you? How does your life change? (and of course we want to see it, so bring them with you!)

We are an inclusive platform committed to creating a safe space for performers. All experience levels are welcome.

We highly encourage experimental and alternative styles of comedy performance, be it Stand-up, Sketch, Character, Poetry, Performance art, Soundscape, Clowning, Mime, Music, Storytelling, Burlesque, Drag, Dance, Theatre, Magic, or something else!

The events are free for audiences to attend with an option to donate on the night. Any money raised will be shared between the performers and team involved.

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The Daft Duo

We host Alternative Interviews - a monthly comedy event

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