Spring 2022 residencies

  • Open Call
  • Scotland
  • 03/12/2021
  • Open Call
  • Scotland
  • 03/12/2021

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Studio Somewhere is Take Me Somewhere’s new artist creation space based in Tramway.

Take Me Somewhere’s vision is to create the best possible conditions for exceptional, radical new performance to be made in Scotland. We do this partly through our Festival platform but also, increasingly through year-round, sector support initiatives.

Our hope is that Studio Somewhere will be a resource for Scotland based performance-makers to test out ideas, connect with their peers, and develop their projects in a comfortable, fit for purpose environment. Our intention is to enhance this resource with a programme of skills development, talks and workshop activity as well as national and international residencies and exchanges. Please sign up here to be kept abreast of new opportunities as they are announced: www.takemesomewhere.co.uk/mailing-list

We are launching the studio with an open call for Scotland based artist residencies:

Bursary: £1000 (Including fees & materials)
Residency Length: Up to 6 days
Travel, Accommodation: up to £350 for those outside of Glasgow
Access costs available

Deadline: 17:00 Friday 3rd December

Take Me Somewhere are currently accepting submissions for our pilot Studio Somewhere residency scheme over Spring 2022. We have four residencies available for Scotland based artists.

The residencies are opportunities for artists working in experimental performance to put an idea in motion or explore a new collaboration. We are looking for artists who wish to explore a project that raises interesting new questions relevant to our time, or is innovative in approach to form. The residencies are tester spaces, intended to nurture the early seeds of an idea or collaboration to put artists in a stronger position to further develop their projects. In this residency iteration we are not offering funded rehearsal space for a project already in development with a confirmed premiere.

These residencies have been created in the spirit of artist support and sit separately to Take Me Somewhere’s Festival, although it’s not impossible that some projects may end up being presented in the 2023 Festival programme. The residency offer includes two, 45 minute sessions with a TMS producer to support you in a way that feels appropriate, perhaps helping you to plan out the next steps of the project or suggesting partners and contexts that may be a good fit for your work.

The bursary is intended to support time, invited team/collaborators and materials, therefore to ensure people are paid fairly, we recommend applying as a solo or duo.

We will provide:

– Access to the Take Me Somewhere Studio for up to 6 days (10:00 – 17:00)
– £1000 bursary including materials budget.
– Two x 45 minute advice & strategy meetings with a TMS producer to support your development and discuss the future life of the project.
– Access support costs should you require them will be discussed with each residency participant & we may be able to support you applying for Access to Work for more significant costs.
– For non-Glasgow based artists – Up to £350 travel & accommodation budget is available (an estimated breakdown of these costs will be required in advance, for artists from Edinburgh or the surrounding area of Glasgow we would expect daily travel costs instead of accommodation, unless this is unsuitable due to access or care responsibilities)
– Access to a part mirrored studio with a dance floor plus basic technical equipment; see tech spec for details
– Basic technical briefing on how to self-manage the equipment. We don’t have in-house technicians to operate sharings, to build sets or advise on technical development.
– An optional opportunity to share live/recorded work at the end of your residency with a small invited audience or online including the TMS team, if appropriate.
Marketing support (advertising the residency on our website and posting on social media).

Our expectations for you if selected:

– To have an initial meeting with the team to discuss your plans for the residency, what support you might need and so we can learn more about your practise (online or in person)
– For you to, by the end of the residency, have an understanding of the next steps for the project, shared with Take Me Somewhere either by email, an informal conversation or as part of a sharing.
– For you to provide an image and short description of what you will be working on for our social media and website
– For you to fill out a short written evaluation after the residency reflecting on your experience

These residencies are for artists who:

– Are currently based in Scotland
– May come from a variety of backgrounds across visual art/sound art, dance, music, theatre, club-performance, film-making or activism but are looking to develop a new idea or collaboration centring experimental performance
– Have a track record of rigorous artistic work. This does not have to be within experimental performance, but for these residencies we are looking for artists who are able to speak about at least two artistic projects that have shown publicly (outside of an educational environment).

Criteria/selection process
The residencies will be selected by a panel of Scotland/UK based artists and we will share the names of the panel to all applicants via email.

They will make their selections based on the following criteria:

Commitment to experimental performance- Artists do not need to have an established practise in experimental performance making, however we will be looking for artists who wish to use this residency to explore this form. We are interested in practises that are risk taking and unique in their approach.

The interrogation speaks to the development of an artist’s practice– Artists have a clear understanding of how this new interrogation relates to their work thus far, and what the gains would be to their practise moving forwards.

Artistic Track-record- These residencies are intended for artists who could be described as ‘establishing’ or ‘established’ which we define as those who have shown at least two pieces of work publicly outside of an educational context (there will be other upcoming opportunities for early career artists).

Project potential- Although we do not expect you to know the details of what the finished performance will look and feel like, we will be looking for a clear proposal of what you would like to explore during the residency. This could be a question, a material, an approach to working across disciplines, a new technology, a piece of research, a style of movement, a piece of music or something else. We will be looking for ideas, approaches and collaborations that have potential to grow into ambitious projects.

Timeliness of opportunity & introduction to Take Me Somewhere- We understand open-call processes are laborious for artists, however they remain the best method of introducing us to artists we have not previously worked with. Therefore, for this opportunity we will prioritise artists who have not previously presented as a lead artist at Take Me Somewhere. (If you have presented in previous festivals as part of a collective but not as a solo lead artist, or have worked with us in smaller ways such as Festival Mixtapes or participation in ‘Take Me Somewhere Sticky’ we do not count as ‘previously presented’ in this context.)

Representation and breadth of practise- TMS recognises there has been systemic exclusion within the performance sector and is striving to put equity at the heart of our decision making. We are committed to increasing the diversity of people working in performance and especially welcome applications from those who identify as having characteristics currently under-represented. This includes Black people and People of Colour, Disabled people, individuals identifying as LGBTQIA+, those with parental or care responsibilities and people from working-class backgrounds. The panel will look to ensure a breadth of experiences and practises are represented amongst the selected artists.

Deadline for Applications: 3rd December – 15:00
Applicants notified by: By 15th December
Residencies take Place: January – April 2022

You can submit an application in the following ways:

Written application

Video application

Video application guidelines

Video applications can be between 3 – 7 minutes long. This video does not need to be highly edited, tightly scripted or shot with a good quality camera. If it is more relaxing for you, you could answer the questions in conversation with someone. You will just need to ensure you answer all the questions clearly.

We will accept video applications in English and British Sign Language. Please upload your finished video to Vimeo or Youtube and submit the link, along with a CV (if you have one) and any links or images of your work in the link above.

If another application form is more accessible for you, please email us at studio@takemesomewhere.co.uk and we would be happy to discuss alternatives.

The studio is still being fitted, so we do not yet have precise specifications or pictures, however will be able to provide these in advance of your residency.

However we know the space will have:

Sprung dance-floor with Harlequin vinyl (7.4×7.4m)
4 large dance mirrors on wheels
PA sound system, Bluetooth capable
1 x headset mic
2 x wired mics and stands
Projector (3500 Lumens), moveable around the space
Studio heaters
Fridge, Microwave & Tea & Coffee making facilities
Sofa, soft furnishings & hangers
Washing Machine / Tumbledryer (when not in use)
You will have a key to access the space and will be able to leave things overnight.

There are no shoes permitted on the dance floor.

There is no stage lighting provision in the studio and the ceiling has a large skylight – therefore Blackout is impossible.

Any mess will have to be contained, so there is no spray-painting or throwing materials likely to cause staining permitted in the space.

Take Me Somewhere’s working days are Monday, Thursday & Friday – so, although you can use the space from Monday – Saturday, on days we are not working, we will only be contactable for emergencies.

At Take Me Somewhere we attempt to place care at the centre of our activity, and remain flexible to different ways of working in order to ensure we welcome people into a supportive working environment.

If selected for the residency, we will send you an ‘access rider’ which is an opportunity to consider what structures or support we may be able to put in place to best facilitate your time with us. This is optional to fill out and we can support you to write it together if you prefer.

Tramway and Studio Somewhere are wheelchair accessible spaces. There is an accessible toilet on the same floor as the Studio. We have soft furnishings and a quiet space available if you require. We have a limited access budget to pay for access support such as personal assistants or British Sign Language Interpreters, however for more significant costs we can support you to write an Access To Work application to cover them (6 weeks notice required). You will have private access to the space and will not be disturbed, however will have contact with a member of the team if you require assistance on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays (emergency contacts will be provided if you need support on days we are not working).

We know there are significant barriers to people working in the arts, particularly for those who experience marginalisation on the basis of race, class, disability, sexuality and gender due to deep rooted prejudices and injustices in the sector. Due to this, we have created a Care Commitment which we ask all members of staff and visiting artists to subscribe to, which lists various commitments to better facilitate a supportive working environment for everyone, as well as clear communication pathways if you believe these commitments have not been met. This can be found here.

We are currently in the process of developing a bespoke Take Me Somewhere Safer Spaces policy, informed by learning in anti-racism and disability justice. This will be in place by early 2022 and replace our place-holder care agreement.

Whilst we appreciate safety looks different to everyone, we work hard to ensure your time working with us will be as supportive, generous and nourishing as possible. We look forward to working with you.

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