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Sarah Longfield is a creative producer, arts consultant & coach

Dealing with a difficult issue in a serious way, this is an online course, a live workshop and a very special slowly created kit.

Perfectionism is holding so many of us back.  It takes up precious time when we could be taking action, creates indecision, frustration and stress.

It is not our fault.  We live in a world where the economy grows when we feel we’re not enough and don’t have enough.  Learning to be imperfect and work against that takes some focus, but the rewards are great!

The Imperfectionist is an exclusive, small-batch online course with a twist: on Postage Day, a small, hand-curated kit, wrapped in brown paper with a sparkly wax seal will be sent to you in the post. The kit has been created slowly, harking back to past times when things were more certain… stepping through the wardrobe into this indistinct time in the past frees up our imaginations so we can dive deep.

On postage day, you will also receive access to the online course which accompanies the kit. Or perhaps the kit accompanies the course – you can decide.  It works in a perfectly imperfect way.

It is playfully designed to increase your capacity to be an Imperfectionist, reducing the harmful effects of perfectionism, freeing you up to live a more joyful, productive and successful life.

The lessons in the course are fun, but don’t let that kid you that this isn’t a serious learning tool, carefully designed to reduce our shared major issue of perfectionism.

Society has made us think this way and it is wrong.  You are enough.  We all are.  Putting an end to this takes work.  We might as well make it creative and fun whilst we do it!

There’s also a whole heap of thinking behind being able to play and hold things more lightly which directly connects to building skills as an Imperfectionist.

Being imperfect gives you:

> more time

> it helps you be more creative, playful and be able to experiment more

> it means you get things done by moving you away from inertia to action

> Imperfection, when practiced regularly can reduce stress cortisol levels

> it reduces “comparisonitis”, giving you freedom to forge ahead with your plans

> it brings a lot of joy

> it means you’re off the hook – you don’t need to continually strive for more, you can still be ambitious, aim for excellence whilst also being content with where you’re at.

The live workshop takes place on Tuesday 30th January 2024 at 6.30pm. (There will also be a recording for those on the course).

Postage day (and last chance to book) is 9am Monday 27th November 2023.

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Sarah Longfield

Sarah Longfield is a creative producer, arts consultant & coach

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