Potluck Zine: Call for Submissions for Issue 7

  • Open Call
  • Anywhere
  • 27/05/2022
  • Open Call
  • Anywhere
  • 27/05/2022

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Indie mag telling stories of cooking, eating and sharing food

We’re an independent magazine celebrating home cooks’ stories of cooking, eating and sharing food and we’re looking for contributions for our seventh issue on the theme of SNACKS.

It’s often said that you shouldn’t snack in between meals. Ruins your appetite, they say.

Snacks aren’t essential- but they’re fun. The cool uncle of the meal world, they’re the little meals that give us joy and keep us full in the in-between of our days. Too simple or too salty, sweet, sour, hot to be a meal in themselves, these bites get your taste buds going nonetheless, filling a hole in your stomach and your heart.

In our next issue, we want to explore snacks from all around the world, from as many vantage points as possible. We want to know about your favourites; sweet, salty, deep-fried, homemade, pre-packaged, grab-on-the-go, drunken. About that weird combination snack that only you like, about your favourite thing to snaffle when you cook. Tell us about when you snack, why you snack, and what it means to you.

What we’re looking for:

What we love publishing is untold stories- one’s that cover issues that don’t get enough coverage in more mainstream food media. Whilst we love food, we’re well aware relationships with food aren’t always plain sailing, so we welcome stories from people who have a difficult or complex relationship with cooking and food, and stories that show us something from a new or personal perspective. The work that really sets our hearts alight is the stuff that’s human- it tells stories of our individual experiences, all their quirks and personality, that work to give us a better understanding of the whole.

We’re open to printing anything, of any medium in the issues, but as some guidance, we’d love to see:

  • Personal writing- stories that tell your own experience and relationship with the topic
  • Interviews- bearing in mind we’re a magazine that focuses on home cooking rather than restaurants, we’d love to have some pitches for interviews too, either from writers looking to interview someone or from people who’d like to be interviewed and have something to say on the topic.
  • Recipes- any and all are welcome, but particularly any that are educational (i.e show us how to make something we might not know how to make), flexible and/or affordable
  • Deep dives- into particular cuisines, ingredients, food cultures
  • Illustrations
  • Photography

To find out more, head to the Submit Your Work section of the website. Got a questions? Get in touch at hello@potluckzine.co.uk

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Indie mag telling stories of cooking, eating and sharing food