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The Open Fund for Individuals is one of Creative Scotland’s key funding programmes, supporting the wide range of activity initiated by artists, writers, producers and other creative practitioners in Scotland.

Open for applications

Temporary change to Open Fund for Individuals decision timeline

Creative Scotland is currently reviewing the process for our Open Fund for Individuals (OFFI) to identify where improvements can be made.

As part of this review, the lead time for award decisions has been temporarily extended by up to a maximum of 4 weeks (in most cases, a decision will be issued in a far shorter timescale), and applicants should consider this in any plans for their schedule of work related to their application.

Our review will include the decision-making process at application stage, terms of contract once a project is awarded funding, and subsequent project monitoring.

This does not affect any applicant whose funding contract has already been issued.

We aim to minimise impact on applicants as much as possible during this temporary review period.

All other elements of the guidance for this fund remain as published.

What is Creative Scotland’s Open Fund for Individuals?

The Open Fund for Individuals is one of Creative Scotland’s key funding programmes, supporting the wide range of activity initiated by artists, writers, producers and other creative practitioners in Scotland. The overall annual budget for this fund is £5 million.

What the fund supports

The Open Fund will support a period of research, development and/or delivery of creative activity for up to 24 months. We will ask you to tell us the start and end date for this activity and to describe the outcomes, benefits and impacts that you wish to achieve.

This fund is designed to support creative activity such as a specific project, production or a period of research and development. It can support an individual’s time where this is related to specific creative outcomes.


You can apply to the fund if you are a freelance or self-employed artist or creative practitioner living in Scotland.

You must be at least 18 years old, and you must have a UK bank account in your name.

If you are not a self-employed individual or a sole trader, you should apply to the National Lottery Open Fund for Organisations.

Funding amounts

You can apply for between £500 and £100,000.


There are no deadlines for this fund – you can apply year-round.

The start date of your activity must be after the date you will hear the outcome of your application – you can learn more about this in the Guidance for Applicants.

How to apply

Download the guidance for applicants, read the FAQs, and watch our application walkthrough.

Please ensure you download the guidance each time you consider making an application, to ensure you have the latest version of the file.

Once you’re ready, you can apply online using our online application portal.


Ready to apply?

Apply now

If you have any questions or concerns, for example, about an impact on project dates, our Enquiries Team are here to help. Visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with them.

Please ensure you have checked the Guidance for Applicants and the Funding FAQs before getting in touch, as you are likely to find the answer to your question there unless it is highly specific to your activity.

Access support

Creative Scotland is committed to offering clear and accessible application processes and programmes that are open to everyone. We have a number of ways we can support you to make your application.

Find out more on page 4 of our guidelines

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