MADE ON MULL: An Tobar and Mull Theatre Associate Artists Programme 2022/23

  • Open Call
  • Mull
  • 18/02/2022
  • Open Call
  • Mull
  • 18/02/2022

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An Tobar & Mull Theatre is a multi-artform creative hub on the Hebridean island of Mull.

We’re looking for five artists working across any discipline to be part of our inaugural Associate Artists programme.

Our Vision

We’re of our place and rooted in our community. We aspire to be an island voice in a national and international conversation.

Our heritage is ancient and our future unwritten.

We are a beacon, shining light out into the world and guiding the way back to Mull.

We create and support art that is brave, complex, generous and full of heart, born of difficult questions instead of easy answers. We have no interest in orthodoxy.

We want our audiences to leave feeling nourished, connected and understood. We want a conversation with them that is reciprocal.

We are a place for joining in, with welcome and warmth at its heart.

Our Mission

We will take care of our community, our island and each other.

We will tell stories that matter. Art can change the world.

We will make and support art of all kinds by artists of all kinds, for people of all kinds.

We will behave honourably, with openness and respect and encourage others to do the same.

We will be a resource for artists, helping them in any way we can and always treating them fairly.

We will prioritise making and supporting art.

We will care for and nurture our audiences.

We will take our responsibility to be financially and environmentally sustainable seriously.

We will evolve and flourish.

We will stay curious.

We will take risks.

Artistic Policy

Of our place but for the world.

An eye to the future with a foot in the past.

Surprising. Unexpected. Stealthily meaningful.

Committed, enduring, sustainable.

The overlooked. The cast aside. The forgotten.

Enticing. Inviting. Filled with delight.

Moments of grace and inspiration.

Unashamed and unrelenting.

Made with love.

What we want

We want to hear from practitioners working in any artistic discipline who are keen to engage meaningfully with us, and our community to create new works over the next 12 – 36 months.

We are offering residency time, mentoring and seed commission funding to support the creation of new works which we hope to be able to present as part of our programme in future.

We will prioritise artists whose lived experience resonates with that of our island community and who are committed to making work inspired by our Hebridean context.

What we’re offering

5 Associateships running for one year from 1 April 2022 and comprising:

· 1 week’s group residency to share ideas and encourage crosspollination (5th – 10th April 2022)

· 1 week’s solo residency to develop a new work (Dates to be mutually agreed)

· £500 per week fee for each artist

· £2000 seed commission for each artist

· Travel, accommodation and subsistence

· A small budget for tickets to artistic and cultural experiences

· A £500 budget for each artist to create a bespoke mentoring programme

In exchange for this, we will ask for first refusal to co-produce or present the premiere of any new works arising from the residency and that any future presentations acknowledge the contribution of An Tobar and Mull Theatre and Made on Mull.

To apply:

Please send us in written, visual or recorded form:

· A CV or summary of your artistic practice to date (1 A4 side or 2 minutes).

· An outline of the project you would like to work on during your residency time in Mull (300 words or 2 minutes).

· A question about your artistic practice that you would hope to answer during the residency.

· A description of an artistic or cultural experience that you found transformative (300 words or 2 minutes).

· A completed EO monitoring form

· Email your applications to our Assistant Producer Mark Iles at

Closing date for applications: 5pm on 18th February 2022

We will interview shortlisted candidates by Zoom w/c 21st February 2022

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