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Linking Through Green is a service that creates a tailored experience for businesses of all levels in an experience that is continuous. The service has five areas of engagement, which include: matching, mapping, challenges, social and learning to facilitate a continuous partnership between the two organisation types. The idea is for businesses to become more embedded into the environment their business resides in and benefit from cost savings and wellbeing for future generations of employees through the civic ecology spaces.

Job Description

I’m looking for someone with web-development and coding skills to join my team as a co-founder. I am a designer and would need someone to help me develop the website and maintain it. This would be someone who wants to join a start-up that is seeking to positively impact the environment and community. I’m a passionate environmentalist and my co-founder would need to share these views and passions.

Desirable Skills:

– Experience with React and Redux.


– Experience with React and Redux.

– Highly driven individuals who value their time, and apply it effectively.

– Someone passionate about making a difference environmentally and socially through technology.

– Has an entrepreneurial spirit and drive in starting a business. Ideally, I would like to see some examples of work that the candidate has worked on to better assess your skills and capabilities.

What I offer:

– Equity share in the company and co-founder opportunity

– Opportunity to join and launch a start-up

– Work in an energetic environment with an emphasis on employee wellbeing.

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