Hack The Patriarchy

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Hack the Patriarchy is our series of open space events that aim to create more meaningful conversations around tackling gender inequality in Scotland’s performing arts sector.  

The events invite women and people of other marginalised genders working in the sector to share their experiences, develop skills and take collective action against the patriarchy.

Stellar Quines began the project in 2019 and has brought together a kick ass team of inclusive feminists to bring Hack the Patriarchy back in 2022. Scroll down for more information.

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Latest events

Our upcoming events in June and July 2022 will focus on Scotland’s performing arts sector. Tickets are free and can be booked through Eventbrite.

Each event will take place at different times of the day, with half online and half in person, to broaden the conversation and make Hack the Patriarchy as accessible to as many people as possible.  

They will be facilitated by award-winning theatre maker Julia Taudevin and produced by multidisciplinary producer Daisy Douglas.

Event details

These events will be followed by an event during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, opening the conversation up to women and other gender diverse people from across the performing arts in the UK and internationally. Date and venue to be announced.

Upcoming campaign

Stellar Quines is working closely with Lisa Sangster to create a sexual harassment awareness campaign in response to the discussions at Hack the Patriarchy.

The campaign, supported by the Federation of Scottish Theatre, has been created in consultation with participants and industry professionals through focus groups. It will launch in June 2022.

Previous events

Session 1 – Open Space

At Rockvilla in July 2019
An open space event to get the lay of the land from participants and discover the key themes and issues people are facing.  

Session 2- If You Want Change, You Need Power

At Rockvilla in September 2019
A focused workshop investigating where power lies within the industry, how participants can access power and use their networks to build strategies for change.  

Session 3 – Strategy Now

Online in August 2020
An online open space event in response to the COVID- 19 pandemic. Sessions were facilitated around key themes from previous events including: parenting and caring responsibilities, sexual harassment, power inequality in the rehearsal process, dismantling fear, D/deaf and disabled performers post-covid, and deconstructing success and whiteness.  

Our previous events ran in collaboration with  National Theatre of Scotland.