User Testers Needed – Up to an hour of work – £20

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  • Temporary Job
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User-Centred Squarespace Websites for Small Businesses

Hi, I’m a web designer and I am looking for user testers to help give feedback on websites for small businesses. As far as I know, I am the only web designer who does this. If you are selected, you’ll get £20 for your time (most user tests are between 30-60 minutes).

The process:

1. First you sign up, so I know you’re interested and have your details

2. When there is a website that needs testing, I’ll look through my database and find those in the main user demographic.

3. From those people, I’ll send through some pre-qualifying questions to determine if they are actually in the target audience.

4. If you are chosen, I’ll send a way to book a zoom chat at a time that suits. I’ll then ask for bank details to send over the payment.

5. During the 30-60 minute call, I’ll do the user test. You’ll share your screen and I’ll observe how you interact with the site and ask questions along the way.

6. I’ll send over the payment after the test is done. I then give my client the results of the user tests and tweak the website as necessary. Your feedback is crucial!


This is not a permanent job by any means. It’s just a one-off opportunity if you are chosen. Maybe you’ll be selected more than once but it’s not guaranteed. We need a variety of people with different backgrounds and opinions, so if this sounds interesting, please sign up!



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User-Centred Squarespace Websites for Small Businesses