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  • Open Call
  • Paisley
  • Applications have closed.

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MHz present:

STRUT is a night time outdoor performance and mobile projection parade by theatre makers MHz which comes to Paisley in Feb 2022 in partnership with the EVOLVE Project in Seedhill, delivered by RIG Arts in partnership with Williamsburgh Housing Association. The project is currently searching for 5 locals with a love of dancing and a connection to Seedhill (Paisley) to perform a 2 minute solo routine as part of the event.

Are you a mover and shaker who loves to dance, perform and boogie? Or do you know someone local who loves to bust a move? Do you live in Seedhill, Paisley or have a connection to the area? Perhaps you live there or have lived there in the past? Or maybe you worked in the area at one time or regularly visit family/friends in the area? Does this sound like you or someone you know?

The project is looking for dancers of any style and you will be paid £500 for taking part. Hip-Hop, Happy Hardcore, Pop, Irish Dancing, Bhangra, Ballet …anything goes.


Send us a 2 min video of yourself dancing to the music of your choice either as a YouTube upload or
Whatsapp: 07721853915

Deadline 14th January
we will let you know a few days later if you have been selected for our finalists’ audition taking place on January 30th.
the final decision will be made by a panel of local residents, artists and ourselves at Megahertz.

STRUT is designed as a procession of outdoor dance performances partnered with stunning large scale building mapped projections for audiences to encounter from their windows and doorsteps. The rotating one-performer parade weaves through the streets, giving the spectators time to watch several dances, and show their appreciation by cheering, flickering their lights and wave to their neighbours before the procession has moved away. As residents peek out video-mapped projections with upscaled images of our local dancers come to frame the spectators’ windows on both side of the street.

EVOLVE is an 18 month project delivered by RIG Arts in partnership with Williamsburgh Housing Association and Renfrewshire Leisure, with and for residents and community members of Seedhill, Paisley. The project is offering free community get togethers for Seedhill full of creative activities to celebrate local identity and community pride and is open to everyone. They offer biweekly workshops, fun day events with a focus on creativity, community building and skill-sharing.

Link to STRUT Glasgow documentation page here

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