Career Long Professional Learning for Primary and Secondary school teachers and dance artists

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What is CLPL?

YDance is committed to the development of dance in educational settings across Scotland and has provided Career Long Professional Learning for Primary and Secondary school teachers and dance artists since 2010.

Our aim is to develop practitioners’ skills and confidence in delivering creative dance, cross curricular dance sessions, core dance and SQA dance courses in schools. The CLPL courses  are delivered annually and provide an opportunity for practitioners delivering dance to upskill to ensure they provide breadth, challenge and application for their learners. The CLPL courses provide practical and experiential learning as well as creating a network with other teachers delivering dance in schools.

Dance education within schools is a way for young people to express themselves physically, emotionally and creatively, enhancing their enjoyment of participation and their ability to co-operate with others whilst building confidence. Dance can be used as an intervention which supports learning and aims to increase engagement through a kinaesthetic process.

Support your classroom learning by reinforcing classroom topics through creative dance to enhance the learning and teaching experience for all.

You can bring us into your setting to deliver CLPL sessions to your staff. YDance staff can create and deliver fun and engaging bespoke workshops or training courses using a theme or subject of your choice and are suitable for all staff regardless of experience.

If you are interested in bespoke CLPL for your staff please get in contact with Linzi McLagan, Head of Education at

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