Birds of Paradise seek 3 early-to-mid-career artists / groups who identify as D/deaf / disabled / neurodivergent to create a piece of work for Locked World

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  • 22/08/2021
  • Freelance contract
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  • 22/08/2021

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Locked World Commissions: Invitiation to contribute video

Locked World is a digital-born project: an online arts space which is being designed for (and by) disabled people.

There will be a number of different pieces of digital art* by emerging disabled artists, areas for audiences to be creative, as well as workshops and events. And the best part? Everything on the site can be adjusted to suit each individuals’ access requirements – without compromising on the experience of the artwork.

The invitation: We are seeking 3 early-to-mid-career artists / groups who identify as D/deaf / disabled / neurodivergent to create a piece of work for Locked World. 

Locked World is a radically accessible digital arts space conceived by BOP Young Artists.

This work was made in response to the concept of a “Locked World”. This term means different things to different people. To some, it may mean feeling excluded from the world, while to another it may mean advocating for their privacy from doctors, benefits assessors and passing strangers.

We are making creative work together because of a shared identity. However, the Disabled community is incredibly broad, and one element of shared identity doesn’t necessarily equal shared experience.

So, this is an invitation for collaboration – corroborations and contradictions are equally welcomed.

BOP Young Artists have created a space that we want to share work in based on the following principles:

a space where accessibility is central – embedded thoughtfully and not an afterthought,
where disabled people are the ‘norm’,
a space where we can go at our own pace,
a safe space which challenges ableist, racist, heteronormative, trans-exclusionary, patriarchal and capitalist discourse,
a space where we can share experiences with other disabled people (and non-disabled people, and people for whom those labels do not fit).
Space where we can honour and amplify the voices of other disabled artists.
The above principles are underpinned by our values:

All of the work carried out as part of Locked World must acknowledge our principles and values.

Alongside the work presented by BOP Young Artists, we are looking to present 3 new digital artworks from early to mid-career artists who identify as d/Deaf, disabled and/ or neurodivergent.

Each commissioned work will be granted £1,250. This fee is inclusive of any materials you might use in making the work, and should be used as guidance for the amount of time you spend making the work.

BOP will provide in kind consultation on the process of creatively embedding access within the work.

BOP will provide up to 8 hours of support per commission with sign language interpreters, audio description specialists, creative captioning specialists, or any other creative access specialist you wish to collaborate with.

Your work will go live between January and April 2022.

We can also offer support for Access to Work, if applicable. Because we understand that paid work can be a barrier for some individuals in receipt of benefits, we are happy to offer what support we can. You can email us at

By digital art, we mean art which has been created using a digital format (for example – video, animation, recorded audio, photography, illustration, writing, games and apps etc.)

Each of the artworks in Locked World will exist in relation to a different area of the brain / body / mind (not strictly anatomically accurate by any means, although we do have additional support from a Neurodivergent neuroscientist!).

The relationship between the art and the anatomy might be fictional, real, parallel, loose, scientific, challenging, paradoxical and/or completely contradictory depending upon your individual creative inquiry.

Proposals must consider Creatively Embedded Access, including creative captioning, British Sign Language interpretation and audio description.

The aim of this offer is to give space to disabled artists who are already making digital work with Creatively Embedded Access, or who have ideas about making digital work with Creatively Embedded Access but haven’t had access to the funds to realise it yet.

In order to support disabled artists with the application process for Locked World Commissions, we have created a webpage on Digital Creatively Embedded Access which you can view here.

See for full details on how to apply 

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