Artist callout: Creative Climate Futures

  • Freelance contract
  • Glasgow
  • 30/11/2023
  • Freelance contract
  • Glasgow
  • 30/11/2023

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Creative Climate Futures is offering two paid roles for creative practitioners to work on a project aiming to empower Glasgow’s most vulnerable communities to design climate ready futures for their neighbourhoods.

The role involves contributing to the overall design of focused activity within a ‘pioneer’ neighbourhood in Easterhouse or Laurieston & Hutchesontown, running a series of creative workshops, working with participants to collectively imagine and co-design local visions and contributing to the project legacy through reflective reporting. There are two roles available, one for each of the pioneer neighbourhoods. You may apply for either or both of these.

The deadline to apply is 9am on Thursday 30 November 2023.

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Eligibility: Open to any creative practitioner of any discipline. You must be based within easy travelling distance of the neighbourhood you are working with to limit transport emissions associated with the project and ensure a good connection with the local area. You must have the right to work in the UK.

Fee: Two contracts of £12,177. Based on a Scottish Artist Union day-rate of £336. For each role, a budget of £1,000 is available to cover artist materials and £100 for local travel costs.

Time commitment: 36 days for each contract, spread across December 2023-March 2025, with most time (30 days) falling during January 2024-June 2024 (see below for an estimated breakdown). Timing is flexible but will likely involve evening and weekend working to reach the right audiences.

Application: Responses to application questions to be submitted in written or video format using the form on this page. We also invite you to complete our anonymous Equality Monitoring Survey.

Location: Activities will take place primarily in Easterhouse and Laurieston & Hutchesontown with some activities elsewhere in Glasgow. Preparatory elements of the work can be done remotely from any location.

Deadline: 9am, Thursday 30 November 2023

The full artist brief is available below. If you have any questions or would like to request a PDF copy of the information, please contact

Artist brief


Creative Climate Futures has been awarded funds from the Glasgow Communities and Place Fund. This is a partnership project, led by Sniffer and delivered in partnership with Creative Carbon Scotland (CCS), Community Land Scotland, Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN) and Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector (GCVS) with support from the Glasgow City Council Sustainability Team. We are working with local partner organisations Pavilion Youth Cafe in Easterhouse and Crossroads Youth and Community Association in Laurieston & Hutchesontown.

Creative Climate Futures will empower Glasgow’s most vulnerable communities to design climate-ready futures for their neighbourhoods and catalyse action to make these visions a reality. It includes three activities:

  1. Pioneers: working with two neighbourhoods to co-design climate-ready futures, agree priorities and instigate action.
  2. Learning: sharing learning from these neighbourhoods through a series of events and a training programme for 30 community organisations.
  3. Legacy: co-creating resources to help other communities and local authorities across Glasgow and beyond imagine and enact climate ready futures.

The creative practitioner roles will be mainly involved in activity 1, with a contribution to activities 2 and 3.

The opportunity

We are looking for creative practitioners of any discipline to work as collaborators on the project. Successful applicants will work with CCS and the other partner organisations as a core member of the project team and be involved in all decision making about the project. As such, this is an opportunity to bring your creative skills to bear on the design of the whole project.

As a project artist, you will play a leading role in co-designing a series of engagement events and dialogue with neighbourhood residents and local organisations so that, through a creative approach, they can work with the project partners to understand the local impacts of climate change and to collectively imagine a climate-ready future. The approach to this activity has deliberately not been fully defined yet, and we will work with you to find the approach that makes best use of your skills.

Beyond these core activities, we will also seek your advice and input on the ongoing plans for the project and provide opportunities for you to share your experiences with our networks. The project also provides an opportunity to develop new connections, explore new forms of socially engaged creative practice, and learn about issues of climate justice in Scotland.

Key activities

We suggest that activities will likely take the following form. However, once the chosen artist is brought into the project we can discuss suggested alterations to the approach, timings and weighting of activities.

  • 5% – Attending meetings with co-organisers from CCS and the rest of the team. December 2023-March 2025. Attending regular meetings to make decisions about project planning and activities, evaluate and share updates.
  • 10% – Research and development. December 2023-April 2024. Building an understanding of the local context and your role as an artist within it and identifying fruitful ways of influencing change. This may involve meetings and interviews with CCS and other team members, local arts organisations and venues, local community organisations, online research or other activities as appropriate. This might also include undergoing training, if relevant.
  • 10% – Sharing your experiences on the project. January 2024-March 2025. Using public-facing channels to share your experiences as an artist on the project. Creating blog posts, a video diary, podcast episodes or other methods as appropriate, to be featured on the project website and shared online by other team members. Taking part in linking events with artists working on other similar projects and the Glasgow Future Fair in early 2025.
  • 50% – Co-designing and facilitating creative visioning workshops on climate-ready futures involving a breadth of local voices. January-June 2024. These workshops will provide an opportunity to improve understanding, share perspectives, develop motivation and build a community of interest around the project. These workshops will include a mixture of discussion and creative activities and will be held at community venues in the two locations.
  • 15% – Co-creating completed local climate-ready future visions, working with participants. May-June 2024. Working with participants drawn from the workshops or elsewhere to develop creative ways of documenting their visioning, drawing on their interests and your own artistic practice. These visions will be used as part of ongoing work across Glasgow.
  • 10% – Contributing to and advising on ongoing project activities, with a primary focus on the Glasgow Future Fair in early 2025. July 2024-March 2025. This will involve capturing the learnings gained during your project activities, sharing your experience and expertise at learning events and contributing your reflections to the project’s evaluation report.

Person specification

The roles are imagined for an experienced individual artist or cultural practitioner, working in any discipline, looking to use their creative skills to contribute to wider society. We anticipate an individual with at least five years of experience in the cultural sector may be most appropriate for this role, but this is not a requirement. It is possible to apply for the role as a partnership or job share.

The types of skills and experience that will be beneficial for this project include:


  • Experience of designing and running artistic/creative projects and activities. Playing a successful organising role in previous projects or events either individually or as part of a team.
  • Experience of socially engaged or community arts and/or community engagement. Previous socially engaged or participatory work with communities and/or co-creation of artistic work with communities.
  • Experience of successfully working collaboratively with diverse groups and in non-arts contexts. Working with different types of organisations and audiences, including community and volunteer organisations and audiences from varied demographics.


  • A dynamic creative practice that offers skills relevant to the process of co-design and running creative visioning workshops.
  • Imaginative and independent thinking. This is important for contributing to the overall approach of the project and identifying the best approaches to take. We’re interested in creative ideas that go beyond traditional methods.
  • Facilitation and communication skills. An ability to effectively communicate complex issues in relatable and engaging ways and to create open spaces for effective discussion.


  • Knowledge of and/or interest in climate change adaptation and climate justice. In particular, awareness of how to make these relevant on a local level in a Scottish urban setting.
  • Knowledge of or commitment to understanding local context in Laurieston & Hutchesontown and/or Easterhouse. This might include lived experience, knowledge of local issues or links with relevant organisations.
  • Knowledge of and a proven commitment to equalities, diversity and inclusion, particularly in community contexts.

Dates, fee and support

Project duration 
The role will take place from December 2023 to March 2025, with most artist time falling in January 2024 to June 2024 (see key activities above for a breakdown of estimated timings). The role will likely involve weekend or evening working to be able to reach the required participants. The exact timing of activities is flexible and can be adjusted to the needs of the artist.


  • For each role, a fee of £12,177 inclusive of VAT if applicable, is available. Based on a Scottish Artist Union day rate of £336.
  • If choosing to apply to this role as a partnership, the fee will be split between the appointed practitioners according to their proposed approach.
  • The fee will be paid in three instalments, with 30% paid at the start of the project, 50% in July 2024 following the main body of work and the remaining 20% in March 2025 at the end of the project. It is possible to negotiate an alternative payment schedule.
  • For each role, a budget of £1000 is also available to cover expenses for artist materials and £100 for travel carried out as part of the role within the local area.
  • The artist is expected to be able to make use of their own pre-existing resources to do the work (eg a laptop, internet connection, work space). However, support is available to accommodate reasonable adjustments for the appointed candidate.
  • We can provide working and meeting space for the artist’s use at partner venues in Easterhouse and Laurieston & Hutchesontown.

Management and support 

The artist will work directly with a member of staff at CCS as the main point of contact for the project team. CCS will be responsible for paying the artist fee and covering any expenses from the project budget. A member of CCS staff will be assigned to making these payments and offering any additional advice and support where necessary. The artist will work with project partners and stakeholders to deliver the different strands of work outlined in the brief.

For any creative work produced with participants during the project, the artist will retain intellectual property and will license the work for 10 years without charge to the project partnership for appropriate use and dissemination.

Application process


Please complete the short online written application form on this page.

The deadline for applications is 9am on 30 November 2023. Late applications cannot be accepted.

If you prefer, you can answer the application questions in the form of a video of no more than 10 minutes. The video can be uploaded as unlisted or hidden on YouTube or Vimeo and the link shared in your application form. If you are having any problems submitting your application or would like to request an alternative submission method, please contact to seek assistance in good time before the closing date. Any contact will remain confidential and will not be shared with those assessing the applications.

Applications will be assessed only on your answers to the four application questions, measured against the person specification above.


Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by email to invite them to an interview that will take place 11-13 December.

  • Interviews will take place on Microsoft Teams and last around half an hour.
  • Interviews will seek to explore the creative approach of the candidate. They will take the form of a series of questions exploring how you would approach the different elements of the project. You will also be invited to present on a past creative project.
  • The interview panel will include staff from Crossroads Youth and Community Centre, Pavillion, CCS and Sniffer.

Equalities, diversity and inclusion

Creative Carbon Scotland is committed to climate justice: addressing the climate emergency in a way that makes society fairer and more equitable, and that includes all parts of society in deciding the future. As a result, we aim to promote a diverse and inclusive working environment. We welcome applications from everyone with suitable skills and experience and we will make reasonable adjustments where necessary to enable people to work with us. Please read our Equalities Policy and Safe Working Statement and remember to complete our Equality Monitoring Survey.

Data protection

We will only use the personal data you provide in your application for the purpose of completing this recruitment process. All records created during this process will be permanently deleted once the appointee is under contract. For more information on how we handle your data, look at our Data Protection and Information Security policy.

If you would like a PDF or Word copy of all the information above sent to your inbox, please email

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