Episode Producer

Website Arika

Freelance, fixed term. From August 5th – 6th December 2024
Approx. 57 days over 18 weeks / 4 months
Contract total approx. £11,536

Arika is looking for someone who can help us creatively turn Episode 11 programming ideas into practical reality with the rest of the core and project team. Friendship, solidarity and hosting are very important to us; so we’re looking to work with someone who cares about people and relationships. Key responsibilities include: production and event management, scheduling, budget management, artist and partner liaison, managing access provisions and production staff management. We are looking for someone with experience of running public events who is adaptable and proactive with excellent organisational skills and attention to detail to help deliver our next Episode at Tramway, Glasgow in November 2024.

See the Episode Producer Job Pack on the Arika website for full details.


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