New partnership for social enterprises in creative and cultural sector unveiled

A new partnership for social enterprises working in Scotland’s creative and cultural sector to help them grow and reach new people has been unveiled today. 

The collaboration between Social Enterprise Scotland (SES), the Creative Entrepreneurs Club (CEC) and the Cultural and Creative Social Enterprise Network (CCSEN) will create a new global platform for social enterprises to access networking, peer support and a programme of content to support what they do. 

In Scotland alone, there are more than 800 cultural and creative social enterprises, according to the latest census of the sector. They include cinemas, theatres, heritage organisations and museums, music groups, art centres, design agencies, events management firms and independent film studios. 

Social Enterprise Scotland said there was a need to sustain and develop cultural and creative social enterprises. The platform will be open to all cultural and creative social enterprises across the globe. 

Social Enterprise Scotland Chief Executive, Chris Martin, said:

Since becoming the single enhanced intermediary for social enterprises in Scotland, we have looked for new ways to support this vibrant part of the social enterprise sector. This is an exciting opportunity to work in partnership to deliver for social enterprises, and we plan to build on this in the future. 

This partnership between Social Enterprise Scotland and the Creative Entrepreneurs Club was created to build on the work of CCSEN and CEC. It will add value and provide opportunities for creative and cultural social enterprises to develop new skills and practices, access creative networks and get the knowledge they need to grow and make a difference to their communities.

 The collaboration was announced during the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) 2022, which is being hosted in Brisbane, Australia.  

Rachael Brown from CEC said:

In 2008 myself and two wonderful creative social entrepreneurs came back from the Social Enterprise World Forum in Melbourne. Feeling inspired, the first iteration of creative and cultural social enterprise network was born.  

Now in 2022, I am more than thrilled that we have partnered with Social Enterprise Scotland to create a space for creative and cultural social enterprises and entrepreneurs, to come together to gain skills, network and create impact in Scotland and beyond.  

Launching this initiative at this year’s SEWF in Brisbane, is exciting and I am delighted to be able to do so. It feels particularly fitting after all we have been through these last few years that we are able to connect and network globally. I look forward to supporting all the brilliant creative and cultural enterprises that join us.

David Francis, Director of TRACS (CCSEN member) commented:

The social enterprise model is one that is well suited to the creative and cultural sector, and we are delighted that the Creative Entrepreneurs Club will provide a congenial space for creatives, particularly those who work in communities, to network with others across the world, sharing skills and ideas.

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