The Voices of our community

Our members represent a kaleidoscope of creativity, from artists and designers to writers and musicians, each weaving their unique stories and expertise into the rich tapestry of the creative world. Through the power of podcasting, they have harnessed the ability to share their journeys, insights, and wisdom with the world.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration, looking for actionable strategies to grow your own creative venture, or simply craving a dose of artistic conversation, our members’ podcasts are here to ignite your imagination and fuel your creative fire.

Explore the podcasts featured here and if you have a podcast you’d like us to add, email our community manager, Lisa for details.

Our members’ podcasts

A Sonic Hug

This thought-provoking series hears from people from different walks of life who deal, experience and battle mental health issues

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Dishin’ It

It might be another food podcast, but this one is different.

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Embodied Business

The Embodied Business podcast is a space to explore what it means to build a regenerative & creative business.

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Keep Calm and Carry Yarn

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn is a podcast in equal parts measure about knitting, crocheting, and the mother-daughter bond between its co-hosts.

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Persistent and Nasty

The Persistent and Nasty podcast is a series of interviews and informal discussions with inspiring women and other marginalised voices in theatre, film and beyond.

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Somewhere: For Us

Our podcast shines a light on the incredible breadth of queer life in Scotland today; more diverse and deeper than stereotypes could ever capture.

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The Braw and the Brave

The Braw and The Brave is a podcast about people and their passions. From professional dancers to illustrators, world travelers to conservationists, it is a celebration of careers and passion projects of the humans who do what they love and love what they do.

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I am beyond thrilled that a service like this is available. Especially now, when it’s even harder to know where to go to for advice and to feel *seen* in the creative industry, such a personal consultation from a professional of this calibre is a needed and appreciated opportunity.

Catriona MacLeod