Queer peers

An inclusive space for LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs

Developing ideas for a LGBTQ+ audience, feeling invisible and unheard in mainstream discussions, want to connect with queer colleagues, peers, and innovators? Bring a coffee to the LGBTQ+ meet-up group where queer creatives and entrepreneurs can share and exchange their specific experiences, opportunities and barriers in a safe, compassionate forum.

This is a monthly online space for up-to 15 participants.  

Joining the group

Visit this page to join the meet-up at the start time outlined in the schedule below. The first 15 people will be admitted. Download a calendar reminder from the schedule to make sure you get here on time.

Theatre director and facilitator exploring the relationship between art, activism, and agency

More about Natalie Wilson

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Upcoming meetups

About Us or For Us?

What does an audience/customer base look like for a LGBTQ+ creative enterprise?

Thursday, 10th February 
5pm – 6pm

Bona Vada: You are your best asset

How to be your best, most authentic self in a noisy world (and what can we learn from our experiences of self)

Thursday, 17th March 
5pm – 6pm

Me and Mine

What do we need and get from our identities in 2022 or reframe them to find more opportunity?

Thursday, 14th April 
5pm – 6pm

Alone and Together

The advantages and pitfalls of queer networking

Thursday, 12th May 
5pm – 6pm