What to do when linear planning doesn’t work anymore

Making career progress in the arts has always been tricky, but with things having reached Boss Level how do we stand a chance?

Join film director, arts organisation leader and super pragmatist, Sandy Thomson, as she looks at what does and doesn’t work in the new world and how to make a plan for the unknown future. How do networks and good decision making help us surf the current uncertainties and what is going to come after them?

Time Stamps

0:55 – Introduction

2:17 – Crisis takes a snapshot

4:14 – Attitude to Risk

8:26 – Networking, not roadmaps

11:47 – People, not pitches

13:20 – Know you’re landscape

15:24 – What’s decided and what’s not

17:15 – Where is the money coming from in your industry right now?

19:15 – Know who is built to deal with crisis, who isn’t and what that means for your industry

23:20 – Generating income inside crisis (lifeboat or brave new world)

26:09 – Self managament

29:25 – Staying aflot

32:06 – Actively forcast

34:22 – Do not wait for permisison

37:37 – A time of crisis is a time to make allies

40:58 – Thinking about sustainability

43:10 – Q&A

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