Mastering the art of successful funding applications

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Online via Google Meet
RCS Pop-up

Step into the world of grant-writing with our workshop dedicated to empowering you with the skills to write compelling funding applications. In an era of fierce competition, articulating why a funder should support your work is crucial. Join us for this practical session designed to enhance your writing skills, guide application building, and provide valuable insights on navigating the funding landscape.

  1. Navigating the funding landscape: opportunities and strategies: Explore where to find funding opportunities and discover strategies to maximise your chances of success. From Trusts and Foundations to Statutory funders, gain insights into diverse funding sources.
  2. Art of persuasion: crafting a powerful case for support: Hone your persuasive writing skills as we delve into the art of crafting a compelling Case for Support. Learn how to effectively communicate the impact and importance of your work to capture the attention of funders.
  3. Decoding Funding Criteria: Strategies for Success: Gain confidence in responding to funding criteria by learning how to align your proposal with funders’ expectations, increasing your chances of securing valuable support.
  4. Research techniques and relationship building: Explore a range of research techniques to strengthen your proposals. Learn the importance of relationship building in the grant-writing process and discover how to cultivate connections that contribute to your success.
  5. Tools for idea generation: building a winning proposal: Utilise practical tools to generate innovative ideas and structure a winning proposal. Learn how to present your project in a way that captivates funders and sets you apart from the competition.

Attending this event

This is an online video session held on Google Meet. You do not need to have a Google account to join.

Simply follow the meeting link you will receive in your registration confirmation email. Allow your camera and microphone and add your name in the box provided. Sandy will let you in when the session is ready to begin.

Your host – Sandy Thomson

Alongside her role as a business advisor for the Creative Entrepreneurs Club Sandy is also the Artistic Director of Poorboy, a UK theatre company and Squad Walk a US film company.

Sandy specialises in supporting emerging and established creative entrepreneurs to be resilient in tough times and sustainable in the long run.

She will help you balance creative imperatives with your business essentials. Sandy is excellent at working in the space where business meets creative practice.