Monday Morning Meet Ups

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Freelancing in the creative sector is challenging – we’re all often working under tight time and financial remits, or in isolation, or on something where we’re experienced in one aspect of the work but not in others.  The CEC Monday Morning Meet Ups are a small, personable weekly meeting space for creatives, artists, and cultural freelancers to get together. 

The group is run by artists who have been making business and creative decisions side by side for years, it’s a safe space with no pressure to speak and no requirement to have all your ducks in a row. 

Find community and support as well as practical feedback and problem-solving when you need an outside eye, Monday Morning Meet Ups are a way to focus your week, find out what’s happening across the sector, and engage with new people in the creative community. 

Moderated by theatre and film director Sandy Thomson, this informal discussion free-ranges its way across the challenges or priorities that attendees bring to the table each week – recent discussions have involved choreographers, visual artists, designers, live event producers, filmmakers, theatre practitioners, and photographers and have covered everything from strategic planning, making tough decisions and managing motivation to forming corporate partnerships, funding and finance and marketing new work.

The Monday Morning Meet Up is part of a raft of services provided by the Creative Entrepreneur Club and the Meet Up can refer participants to other appropriate services, specialists, contacts, and gatherings both inside and beyond CEC’s extensive community.

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