Managing burn out

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Online via Google Meet
RCS Pop-up

Dive into the world of creative exploration while learning the delicate art of managing your portfolio career. In this session, we’ll unravel the secrets to preventing burnout, mastering time management, and cultivating positive habits that will elevate your journey in 2024.

  1. The time tango: mastering time management: Discover practical strategies to conquer the ever-elusive concept of time. Unearth time management hacks tailored to the creative sector that will empower you to make the most of every moment.
  2. Decoding the project puzzle: Navigate the intricacies of programming work with ease. Learn efficient techniques to streamline your creative process and enhance productivity, ensuring your projects thrive without overwhelming your schedule.
  3. Saying yes and no: the project conundrum: Uncover the art of discernment when it comes to project commitments. Explore when to confidently say “Yes” and gracefully decline opportunities, striking the perfect balance to avoid overcommitment.
  4. Self-management Delve into the essential skills of self-management to keep your creative career on track. From setting boundaries to prioritising self-care, discover how to navigate the demands of your portfolio with grace and resilience.
  5. Building a positive routine: Transform your habits from stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Explore the science of habit formation and leave with a personalised plan to cultivate positive habits that will enhance your well-being and creative output.

Attending this event

This is an online video session held on Google Meet. You do not need to have a Google account to join.

Simply follow the meeting link you will receive in your registration confirmation email. Allow your camera and microphone and add your name in the box provided. Sandy will let you in when the session is ready to begin.

Your host – Lindsay Dunbar

With over 15 years of experience, Lindsay Dunbar is a ‘cultural crofter’ nurturing and tending to creative projects in rural areas. 

A coach and accredited LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator, she is experienced in facilitating workshops and sessions with a variety of people, from industry professionals to community members.

She is also founding and developing Coaching for Creatives, a social enterprise supporting the creative sector to access coaching support.