Lunch with Lisa

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Lisa Kennedy Headshot

Fancy having lunch with us?  

Whether you’re new to the CEC community or have been with us for a while, join our monthly mid-week online meet-up hosted by Community Manager Lisa Kennedy. Enjoy a midday pause to eat and natter with like-minded creative entrepreneurs to find out what the community have been up to and what we have on offer here at CEC. 

Our community is brimming with skilled, talented, entrepreneurial creatives who are looking to make new connections and support other business owners and freelancers.  Swap stories, ideas or just compare sandwiches, you’re invited to join this relaxed, friendly get together where we welcome members to share their wins, promote their projects or just have a good old water-cooler style catch-up.  

Hope to see you there…and yes, feel free to bring your lunch with you!

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