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This month we’re joined on Elevenses with CEC by master doer and the CEO of Newspaper Club, Anne Ward. Anne’s been leading the print-on-demand newspaper business for over ten years and has done so skilfully with the well-being of her team and the business goals of her company at the fore of her mind. But nothing could have prepared her for the challenges she would face trying to navigate their way through the pandemic.

Now with the worst of it behind them, Anne has begun bringing furloughed staff back and has been working with her team to determine new best practices for a way of working, whether at home or in their studio space. Together they are determining their future.

During this very frank discussion, Anne will share the approach she took to determine her thoughtful approach to developing the strategy that would get Newspaper Club through the pandemic, including which members of staff to furlough, how to operate with a skeleton crew, which internal projects to prioritise when client work slowed to a halt and the new challenges, she and her team face as things pick back up.

The UK furlough scheme formally come to an end on 30 September 2021. Are you prepared?

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More about Anne

Anne Ward is the CEO of Newspaper Club, a print-on-demand newspaper business. Newspaper Club is an SME with 12 employees, mostly based in Glasgow, with creative customers all over the world. Prior to joining Newspaper Club at the request of the founders nearly a decade ago, Anne started out as a librarian before moving into website management in the public sector.

Outside of work, Anne has written three travel books about offbeat UK destinations and enjoys wandering about with a camera.

Connect with Anne at the Creative Entrepreneurs’ Club

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