Desk with computer and motivational posterThis picture is one I posted on Instagram not long after I was properly freelance (I’d had a retainer for the first three months of freelancing). It sums up the confidence and excitement I felt for the future of my business, which is in large part down to DYP.

Why did you apply to Design Your Practice?

I heard about it right as I started full-time freelancing, and it seemed like the perfect thing to give me a bit of guidance at quite a scary/exciting time in my life!

What did you get out if it?

Towards the end of the course I had an epiphany about what it was I really wanted to do, and what I really wanted to focus my business on (illustration rather than commercial graphic design). That realisation in itself made going to DYP worth it for me! It also helped me gain a little perspective on myself and my business, and definitely gave me a bag load of confidence.

What did you learn?

That running a self-employed creative business doesn’t have to be scary! That I’m more capable than I thought. And most importantly I learned how to un-learn all the things that were holding me back.

How have you applied it to your own creative business?

Although I got a lot of practical advice from the course, for me it was mostly the philosophy, mindset and confidence elements that I took from it. The experience helped me step into the shoes of the business owner I wanted to be, and that’s still working for me nearly a year on. And I’ve finally given myself permission to think a little bit bigger and just bloody go for it!

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