Virtual Studio Visit with Free Embroidery Artist Tina Crawford

This month we travel (virtually) to Deptford, South East London to the studio of free embroidery artist, Tina Crawford. In addition to her creative practice making original works, Tina also runs her homewares brand, Tobyboo, through which she makes bespoke products and gift ranges for some of the Capital’s most iconic venues including Shakespeare’s Globe, St Paul’s Cathedral, Sir John Soane Museum, Kew Gardens, Oxford Universities and John Lewis.

For our visit, Tina will show us around her workspace and talk us through her making process for both her one-off creative works and how she transforms her embroidery into beautiful British products, before taking questions from the audience.

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  1. Enjoyed that! Your work is so diverse, @tobyboo, and inspiring. It was great to hear of the background to your pieces. In particular the piece you have on the drip stand. And telling Noel Fielding off had me in stitches (pun totally intended). Great studio visit. Cheers, Ruth