Reaching Your Full Creative Potential with Sarah Walsh

This week on 11’s we’re joined by internationally published illustrator and celebrated artist, Sarah Walsh. Sarah’s keen to speak honestly about her journey thus far, managing her success, juggling a waiting list of client projects, making time to pursue her own creative ventures and landing the dream job of re-imagining Roald Dahl’s classic novel Matilda.

With over 20 published books under her belt, dozens of unique products available on her Etsy store, and tens of thousands of followers, Sarah’s work is far-reaching and touch’s the lives of people around the globe, but her feet remain firmly planted on the ground. Sarah is hugely appreciative and grateful for the career and life it affords her with family.

Listen to Sarah’s story from art school to Hallmark to a Matilda and learn about her relationship with her agent, how she chooses projects, what she worries about and struggles with.

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