How to make a big impact on the planet today

So many of us in the self-employed and sole traders’ sphere don’t have pensions set up for ourselves, which is a sector-wide issue. And many of those who do have a pension are not really paying attention to it. However, would you feel differently if you knew that one of the biggest impacts you can have on the planet is through your choice of pension fund and as a provider of pension to your employees, no matter how small your organisation is?

On this episode of Elevenses with CEC we are thrilled to welcome sustainable finance and climate action expert, Meryam Omi. Meryam has been seconded to play a crucial role in the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) taking place this November in Glasgow and although environmental issues and global conferences may not seem like a natural fit within the confines of CEC, we feel like these are major issues that affect all of us and as such we need to pay attention and get involved where we can.

When we met with Meryam recently and asked her how we, as small creative businesses could make a difference, her answer was so surprising and practical that we wanted her to repeat it verbatim for all of you, and thus, we scheduled her into the next available Elevenses slot!

Literally, everyone in this community can benefit from hearing what Meryam has to say during this episode of Elevenses. Do not miss it!

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