Elevenses with CEC and Actor/Producer, Louise Oliver

This week on Elevenses with CEC, Sandy Thomson is joined by Actor/Producer, Louise Oliver. An insightful organiser with a taste for revolution, she’s made work and waves all over the world and has kindly agreed to share some of her insights with the CEC community.

Louise will be pulling the curtain back and exposing her views on what it takes to be an artist/producer, how she builds her network and what’s involved in securing support, opportunities and advocates for her work.

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More about Louise

Louise is an actor, writer and international producer. She’s co-founder of the feminist freight train that is Persistent and Nasty, a Performance Producer for Future Paisley Programme and in development with her own new work for the stage.

Previously the lynchpin of the Edinburgh Festival’s Fringe Central team she left the world’s highest profile festival gig to train in New York and as an actor she’s subsequently appeared in Outlander and on stages as everything from Macbeth to Kitty in Civil Disobedience’s immersive exploration of queer culture

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